Installation and splicing handrails

We offer service of installing and splicing escalator handrail on-site directly on the escalator unit without dismantling the unit. Our technicians are certified splicers by handrail manufacturer Draka EHC. During splicing job technician inserts new handrail into the unit while removing the old handrail. Both ends are prepared on the new handrail and missing materials are assembled into the splice from original splice kits. Handrail splice is then cured in vulcanization mold and when completed, unit is ready to run again.
  • Certified and trained technicians
  • Original splicing equipment
  • Original splice kits
  • Installation without dismantling unit
  • Handrail change in less then 4 hours

Handrail repairs

In cases where damage occurs on a relatively new handrail, or on a very long handrail whose replacement is expensive, the handrail can be repaired. The repair process is similar to splicing the handrail, except that the joint itself is not made. It is necessary to cut out the damaged area, replace the removed material with a new one from the original kit from the manufacturer, and reinsert the area into the vulcanizing mold. Subsequently, the damaged area is sanded and smoothed. The repair can then serve until a possible later replacement of the handrail
  • Postponing handrail replacement
  • Resolving critical situation
  • Cost saving