Escalator and travelator handrails

We offer high quality escalator handrails of German manufacturer Draka EHC for all types of escalators and travelators in Europe. Brand Draka EHC was established in 1977 in Canada, with presence around the globe and it is a world's leader in manufacturing escalator handrails. Draka EHC is currently brand of Italian company Prysmian Group.
  • Made in Germany
  • Made of rubber or TPU
  • Used by OEMs escalator makers like Schindler, TKE, etc.
  • Configured with open ends or endless
  • Original splice kits available
  • Handrail cleaning solutions

Rubber handrails

Handrail made of synthetic rubber SBR are traditional choice and they are available for all kinds of escalators. Their advantages are high flexibility, durability in heavy conditions and they are able to withstand rough handling. Aesthetically and environmentally are falling bit behind comparing with TPU handrails

TPU handrails

Handrails made of TPU (thermoplastic-urethane) represent latest escalator handrail technology.  They have high gloss surface and they are recyclable. TPU handrails are realiable and offer long life as long as they are properly installed. They are more resistant to surface damages compared to rubber handrails.

Basic types of handrails for most commonly used escalators

Escalator handrail 7539FWNX

Thyssenkrupp, Otis, Sigma and more

Escalator handrail 8133FWNX

Schindler and more

Escalator handrail 7838FWNX

Kone, O&K and more

Escalator handrail 8339FWNX

OTIS and more

Escalator handrail 8040FWNX

Schindler and more

Escalator handrail 8942FWNX

KONE, O&K, Thyssenkrupp, Končar and more

Escalator handrail 7838VWNX

KONE and more

Escalator handrail 8942VWNX

KONE, Thyssenkrupp and more

Escalator handrail 9947FWNX

ET, LT (Rusko)

Regarding correct choice of handrail type, lenght, configuration and installation options, please contact us via email or phone.